What Is Lash Primer & Why Does It Matter?

What Is Lash Primer & Why Does It Matter?

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Lash primer is an awesome tool that can make your lashes look darker, longer, and fuller. It’s an excellent addition to your makeup routine, especially if you want to skip the false eyelashes or lash extensions. Just one extra step in your routine can drastically change the look of your eye makeup. 

Lash primer comes in a tube that looks like a tube of mascara. Most lash primers are white, but you can find clear, brown, or black options. Lash primer can help mascara glide on smoothly and give you a fanned look that prevents smudging, smearing, and flaking. 

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What Makes Lash Primer So Helpful

  • It helps your mascara stay on longer, without smudging or smearing
  • It makes your eyelashes appear longer and fuller
  • It conditions and nourishes your lashes, especially when combined with a lash serum, like ForChic’s Eyelash Enhancing Serum
  • It helps reduce clumping when you apply your mascara

    Applying Lash Primer 

    Follow these steps when applying your mascara primer to receive the best results.


    First, you need to curl your eyelashes to help prevent eyelash loss. Always make sure you’re using a clean and dry curler. Start at the eyelid and gently apply pressure. Avoid pinching your eyelid. Next, softly push the middle of your eyelash. Finish by lightly pressing the tip of the eyelash. 

    Apply Primer

    Apply eyelash primer the same way you apply mascara. Start at your eyelash roots, then wiggle the wand through your lashes. Make sure you coat every eyelash to get the best results. 

    Let The Primer Dry

    After applying primer, let it dry for 30 seconds. If you apply mascara before your primer has a chance to dry, it can cause clumping. Of course, not all primers work the same way. If your primer tells you to apply mascara immediately after using your primer, defer to the instructions on the package.

    Apply The Mascara

    Start with one coat of ForChic’s Better Than Falsies Mascara. Let the mascara dry, then check for clumps. If there’s any clumping, you should remove your mascara and primer to start over from scratch. Clumping may mean you didn’t let your primer dry long enough before applying mascara, or you didn’t correctly follow the instructions on the packaging. 

    Applying one coat of mascara will create a nice daytime eye look that’s perfect for work or running errands. For a more dramatic look, continue applying mascara until you’re satisfied with your lashes. 

    Lower Lashes

    Lash primer is especially handy if you’re applying mascara to your lower lashes. Primer will help your thinner lower lashes pop, and it will help prevent lower lash mascara from smudging onto your under-eye area. 

    When using a lash primer for your lower lashes, you’ll probably want to buy a white primer. White lash primers will help you see where you’ve applied the primer, and they will help you make sure that you’ve coated every lash. 

    Plus, if you want to wear a tinted mascara—like a fun blue or purple—a white primer will help ensure that your mascara’s color remains vibrant and consistent. A clear, brown, or black primer could cause your colored mascara to look muted against the darker base.

    Where Can I Find Lash Primer?

    You might be wondering where you can buy lash primer. You can find lash primer in any store that sells makeup. Some companies even package primer together with mascara to make your life a little easier.  

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    If you’re having trouble finding a lash primer you love, you can also make a DIY lash primer at home.

    How Can I Make My Own Lash Primer?

    If you’ve run out of lash primer and you’re in a pinch, you can make lash primer at home. This DIY hack is perfect for those days when you don’t have time to run out to the store, or you realize at the last minute that you’ve had your current tube of primer for more than six months.

    Before applying your mascara, try putting baby powder on your lashes. First, grab a clean mascara spoolie and dip it in baby powder. Next, run the wand through your lashes as if you’re putting on mascara. Once you’ve coated your lashes with baby powder, you can apply your mascara. 

    Another at-home alternative to lash prime is vaseline. Vaseline separates your lashes and makes it easier to glide on your mascara. Just dip a clean spoolie into some vaseline and evenly apply the vaseline to your lashes—fun fact: When mascara was first created, the main ingredients were vaseline and coal. 

    Can I Wear Lash Primer By Itself?

    Yes! You can wear lash primer by itself. Primer can help keep your lashes healthy, especially if you use a formula made with protective oils and vitamins.

    We suggest using a clear, black, or brown primer if you’re going to skip mascara unless you’re looking for a white eyelash look. 

    Eyelash Extension Primer 

    If you want primer to prepare your lashes for extensions, you’ll need an entirely different product. Eyelash extension primer uses a special formula that helps remove oils and makeup residue from your natural lashes before applying extensions. This allows the extensions to bond to your natural lashes, preventing the extensions from slipping off prematurely. 

    Eyelash extension primer also helps the extension glue dry more quickly, and it makes your lashes less slippery when the extensions are applied.

    In Conclusion 

    Whether you prefer tinted primer, white primer, clear primer, or a DIY option, preparing your eyelashes for mascara is always a good idea. If you’re applying permanent or semi-permanent eyelash extensions, primer will help your extensions bond to your lash and stay attached.

    Mascara primer will help prevent clumping, flaking, and smudging for long-lasting wear. Primer can even help keep your lashes healthier, longer, and fuller. Try mascara primer today, and experience the difference it can make for your lashes. 

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