Lash Sets: How To Find the Right One

Lash Sets: How To Find the Right One

Do you ever wonder if you could wear false lashes? The answer is definitely yes.  

False lashes can complete any makeup look for any occasion. They can give you the confidence to do just about anything.

To find the right lash set for you, you have to figure out what type of eyes you have and which lashes will look best for your eye shape.

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Types Of Lash Sets 

There are so many false eyelashes available, and it can be hard to choose which ones are best for your needs. 

Below, ForChics has explained the most popular options on the market to help make your decision easier.

Synthetic Lashes

Synthetic lashes are made from a durable material, and they’re an excellent option for people who use vegan cosmetics. Synthetic lashes tend to look cheaper than animal-based alternatives. Try to choose a thinner synthetic lash—the thicker the synthetic lash, the faker they look. 

Mink Lashes

Mink lashes have become a celebrity go-to because of their lightweight, natural look. Mink lashes can be very expensive, but they’re worth the splurge. Mink lashes are high-quality, and they’re gorgeous. 

Silk Strands

Silk strands are another popular falsie material because they look so much like natural hair. Silk strands will also be less uniform, making the lashes look more natural.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are a great way to avoid lash glue. They come with two sets of lashes. One set sits above your natural lashes, and the other rests below them. There are magnets on each strip, which the lashes use to cling to one another around your natural lash. While magnetic lashes remove the need for lash adhesive, they can be pretty heavy. 

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Discover Your Eye Shape

Everyone’s eyes are unique. Determining your eye shape can help you choose false lashes that accentuate your individual beauty.

Hooded Eyes 

If you have hooded eyes, you’ll have excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line.

People with hooded eyes will want to find a lengthening lash set that is long. Instead of finding a set that’s longer at the ends or has a uniform length, look for a set that’s longer in the middle. 

Avoid heavier lashes that will pull your lid down. Individuals or cluster lashes would work best for this eye shape because you’ll have better control over your final look.

Almond Eyes 

Almond eyes are the most common eye shape. They are pointed at the end and wide in the center. Your iris may be slightly covered by your top or bottom lid, or both. 

Almond eyes are suited to nearly every shape of falsie. Your decision will come down to your desired aesthetic. A winged, fluttery lash will create a more natural look, while a lash with tons of volume will give you a dramatic effect for a night on the town. 

Round Eyes

Round eyes expose most of the iris. They are rounded, and they don’t look tapered at either end.  

For this eye shape, you’ll want to find a lash that won’t weigh down your eyes.  Stay away from thick, heavy lashes, and stick to a lightweight, curly lash to accentuate your naturally large eyes.

Deep-Set Eyes 

Deep-set eyes look as if they’ve sunken into the eye socket, with a brow bone that seems to stick out.  

With deep-set eyes, you’ll want a lash set that is longer in the middle. Look for lashes that curl up and out.  Another good option is individual lashes that you can place primarily in the center. 

This eye shape can also benefit from a defined, gorgeous brow. ForChics’s Eyebrow Fill Pen will highlight the natural framing of your face, bringing the attention to your eyes.

Close Set Eyes 

Eyes are typically considered “close-set” if the gap between your eyes is smaller than the size of one eye. 

Try to avoid lashes that are longer in the center, as these can make your eyes appear smaller. Cat eyelashes that flare outward at the ends will elongate your eyes beautifully.

Mono-Lidded Eyes

Mono-lidded eyes only have one lid—thus the name—so they don’t have a crease in their eyelids. Many people with mono-lidded eyes naturally have straight lashes, so a layered and fluttery falsie would be a great choice. 

Upturned Eyes 

Also known as cat eyes, upturned eyes are characterized by an outer corner that is slightly higher than the rest of the eye. 

Avoid thick, heavy lashes in favor of something lighter. A half-lash may accentuate the outer corners of your eyes nicely. 

Downturned Eyes 

As you may have guessed, people with downturned eyes will find that the outer corners of their eyes tilt downward. This makes their upper lids look larger.

A criss-cross winged lash will help the outer corners appear lifted. Individual lashes coil also achieve a similar effect; just make sure you place them in the outer corners.

Prepping The Lashes 

No matter how lovely your false lashes are, you’ll need to prepare any false lash set before you apply them. 

Remove the false lashes from their package and pinch them between your fingers to gently bend them. If your lashes are too stiff and won’t bend, wrap them around your finger to make a bend in the lash. This bend helps the lash fit to your eyelid, which is naturally curved. 

You may need to cut your falsies to fit your lash line. Carefully measure them against your lash line before cutting them, and take off a little bit at a time to ensure you don’t cut off too much of the lash. You can always cut your lashes shorter, but you cannot make cut lashes grow back. 

Regardless of your chosen lashes or your natural eye shape, you should use a lash serum like ForChics’s Eyelash Enhancing Serum every time you remove your lashes. A serum will help nourish your natural lashes, and it will help provide the vitamins and hydration they need to stay healthy. 

Applying The Lashes 

Applying false eyelashes can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Below, we’ve outlined our three-step process for applying false eyelashes perfectly every time. 

Shape Your Falsies

Hold the lashes to your eyelid and see how much of the false lash you’ll need to cut. Make sure you trim the false eyelash starting from the inner corner because the outside corner has more volume.

Apply Your False Lashes

Apply your eyelash glue and wait about 30 seconds. The tackier the glue, the better your false lashes will stick to your lash line.

First, place the middle of the lash on your eyelid. Then, press on either side until the full lash is on your eyelid. 

Avoid placing the falsies too close to your eye’s corner. Getting too close to the inner corner could be uncomfortable or irritating.  Place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible without actually touching your natural eyelashes. 

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Add Your Finishing Touches

Wait until the lash glue has fully dried, then apply eyeliner along your lash line. This can create a seamless blend between the lash band and your lash line and cover any stray glue. You can also gently apply mascara to blend the false lash with your natural lashes, being careful not to pull at the falsies. 


At the end of the day, false lashes are meant to accentuate your natural beauty. Find a pair that flatters your eye shape, and let your uniquely gorgeous eyes be the center of attention. 

You can also bring out your natural beauty with ForChics’s Better Than Falsies mascara, a mascara that gives you the appearance of fake eyelashes—no lash glue necessary. 


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