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Does Vaseline help your eyelashes grow?

7 min read

Does Vaseline help your eyelashes grow? - ForChics


Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, has a fascinating history as both a product and an invention. Originally discovered as a quick burn and skin ointment on oil rigs, this product now finds itself in beauty products all over the world. Many people use the product on their eyelashes for growth, but for many years skeptics and regular consumers alike have questioned the effectiveness of this trend. We’ve done the research ladies, and we are here to answer the pressing question, “Does Vaseline help your eyelashes grow longer?”. 

Long story short, Vaseline does not help your eyelashes grow any longer. Disappointing right? 


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But don’t throw away that new jar of Vaseline just yet! Petroleum Jelly still has a number of benefits that make it a great household item to keep around. Just one reason is the moisturizing effects it provides, which could keep your lashes from getting brittle and breaking off. But now, a bigger question comes to mind: Is Vaseline (a petrol by-product) sustainable, or even good for your skin?

We did the digging for you and we’ve found all of the answers you’re looking for! From the history of Vaseline, to its sustainability factor, if it works for lashes (in short - it doesn’t), its benefits, and some other, more effective alternatives to Vaseline for your lashes. 


vaseline graphic

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Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, was discovered by a  22-year old British chemist, named Robert Augustus Chesebrough as he was living and studying in a town in Pennsylvania where petroleum had recently been discovered. 

Chesebrough was looking to discover other products that could be made from petroleum. While on the oil rig, he noticed something peculiar. If any of the seasoned oilmen were injured or burned, they would reach in the bottom of petroleum barrels and smear the residue over their cuts and burns. 

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Chesebrough knew he was on to something, so he spent the next 10 years perfecting the refinery process, eventually landing on a triple-filtered system that no other company was using. He patented the product and called it Vaseline, coming from the German Wasser "water" + Greek έλαιον (elaion) "olive oil". (Vaseline, 2019)

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There is no doubt that Vaseline has been a huge influence in the beauty and healthcare industry for hundreds of years. Vaseline was on board the first ship to explore the North Pole because the captain knew it wouldn’t freeze. It was shipped out in hoards during both world wars, and in 2005, one statistic showed that a bottle of Vaseline was bought every 37 seconds around the world. 

It no doubt has helped people around the world. But nowadays, with so much access to research and other products, one must beg the question, “Is Vaseline the most sustainable product on the market?” 

In short, no it’s not. But, Vaseline is also not as terrible as one might think, having the word petroleum in its patented name. See, I am a stickler for sustainability, and this one took me a lot of research to come to this conclusion: 

As long as we live in a world that is using petrol for fuel, the production of the by-product of petroleum jelly is ok in my book. I liken it to the use of petroleum jelly to this: if you must eat a chicken, the most sustainable way to do so is to use the whole chicken, and every last part. It’s not perfect, but it’s also not the worst thing at CVS. We could do a lot more good by reducing our use of palm oil.  


green fields with factories polluting the air

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Now, for the important question, “does Vaseline actually work for growing your lashes?”. The answer, unfortunately, is no. There are no properties in Vaseline that actually promote hair growth. From someone who has personally relied on Vaseline for many years, this is a devastating blow. Petroleum jelly has large molecules that are unable to penetrate the skin, let alone the hair follicleOphthalmologists even advise caution when it comes to using the product around your sensitive eye area.

The product does, however, have amazing alternative benefits such as moisturization.The reason why the myth of hair growth has gone on for so long comes from the appearance of longer lashes after applying Vaseline and experiencing its glossy texture reflecting the light. It can create a full look on your lashes but is only doing so through moisturization. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me! 🤷🏻‍♀️


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There are some very apparent benefits to using Vaseline. Vaseline has been used for hundreds of years for treating wounds and burns, as well as any other skin inflammation. This original purpose has evolved into the more common uses we see today. Other benefits of Vaseline include: 

Healthier lashes: Not only does Vaseline create the appearance of thicker and fuller eyelashes, but it also helps them grow stronger as well. The jelly, when applied gingerly, conditions the hair, which helps inhibit hairs from constantly breaking off. 

It won’t break the bank: The market is saturated with numerous beauty and self-care products whose prices can be scary, to say the least. Vaseline is an effective and budget-friendly product, when compared to a lot of other products available in the skin-care industry right now.

Moisture is locked in: Your skin and eyelashes can finally stay hydrated and healthy, as Vaseline is able to serve as an effective barrier against moisture loss. It is an occlusive substance that can keep your skin at its healthiest!

It’s a gentle touch: For those with sensitive skin, it is always frustrating trying to find skin-care products that are both gentle and effective. Luckily, Vaseline is a pretty great option for both of those stipulations. People who are prone to skin reactions, as well as those with conditions such as eczemablepharitis, or eyelid dermatitis, can usually trust Vaseline to safely moisturize their skin and eyelashes! 

Simple and straightforward: The versatility of this product makes it a great and simple remedy for multiple skin-care issues. The value of the product, along with its numerous benefits, make it an untouchable household “cure”. 

Works well with others: While the product itself can be a great cure for a number of skin problems you may be experiencing, it does not have to be the only product you use! For those who have extra dry skin or are already attached to the skin-care products they currently have, Vaseline is easily paired with other products for the same benefits.  


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While it does not actually lengthen your lashes, the alternative benefits make it an alluring option, at least to try! It’s also never a bad idea to ensure your eyelashes are happily moisturized. When it comes to applying Vaseline to your lashes, the steps are simple:

  1. Mascara wands are usually recommended to use for a more thorough application. However, it is integral to wash this wand before use to avoid any issues with bacteria or other leftover residue. 
  2. Wash your face and gently cleanse your eyelids to remove any residing make-up, dirt, or bacteria from the day
  3. Place the Vaseline on the wand (we recommend a small amount) and then apply this vaseline to your upper and lower lashes
  4. This is the best part! Now you get to sleep, and Vaseline can do the hard work for you. 
  5. Once you wake up in the morning there might be some remaining residue. Make sure to gently clean or wash it off and your lashes will be ready to take on the day! 


Vaseline has even taken on a socially responsible role as it launched a new social mission to help heal the skin of 5 million people living in crisis or conflict by 2020. Vaseline will be providing dermatological care, medical supplies, Vaseline products, and local health worker training to vulnerable people around the world. (Vaseline, 2019)

“Deeply cracked hands and feet, burns from cooking on gas stoves or using kerosene lamps, and extremely dry skin due to overexposure are just some of the severe skin conditions we found in the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan,” says Kathleen Dunlop, Marketing Director at Unilever. Many people in developing countries can not afford medication to heal their skin ailments, and Vaseline is providing aid and support there. 

So while their product may not be the most sustainable on the market, they are doing a lot of good with the products that they have. Good on you, Vaseline! 


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One of the most sustainable and effective products on the market for eyelash growth is ForChics ForLash. It contains Castor Oil, as well as specially-derived plant nutrients that are proven to help boost lash growth. 


for brow product image and price $29


Not only that, but ForLash is one of the few totally vegan and cruelty-free eyelash growth serums on the market today. The formula is paraben-free, so it is safe to use for anyone undergoing chemo or in remittance. Vaseline, unfortunately, is not paraben-free. 

The formula is also gluten-free, so it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of allergies or intolerances! 

People everywhere are loving ForLash! ForLash is a natural eyelash growth serum that immediately replaces the need for eyelash extensions, falsies, or eyelash tinting treatments. Using specially-derived plant minerals, this formula nourishes your lashes from the base to the top. 

The results have been incredible. Over 75,000+ women have tried ForLash, and it has been rated at a 4.89 for length and thickness of lashes. 

So, if you are looking for a product that can grow your lashes while moisturizing them at the same time, then click here to learn more information about ForLash. Check out the reviews here!


Vaseline has a number of added benefits under its belt. It is a cost effective product that is a great remedy for skin and eyelash issues. 

However, while Vaseline has a number of valid benefits ,it is not an effective alternative to eyelash growth serums. There is no evidence to prove that the product can make your eyelashes grow. 

When it comes to lengthening your eyelashes we, of-course, recommend ForLash. It’s the most naturally effective path towards thick and full lashes. 

Vaseline may not be able to serve the purpose you had in mind, but with all of its other advantages we think it’s worth keeping it around! 



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