Eyelash Applicators That Will Make Your Routine Easier

Eyelash Applicators That Will Make Your Routine Easier

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In 2021, we know of multiple ways to make our lashes look long, full, and gorgeous, thanks to the beauty world always coming up with new products and lash options for us. 

We can curl our lashes with a lash curler and a good mascara with strong holding power; with growth products like our Eyelash Enhancing Serum they can be lengthened and easier to curl; they can also grow more healthily with eyelash conditioners for moisturized growth, like castor oil. 

We can have added curl and length with false lashes, and with eyelash extensions, our lashes can appear longer. 

These all are effective options with varying degrees of time and expense that go into them. However, if you choose to go the route of applying false eyelashes, you will find that it can be quite challenging to apply your false lashes closely onto your lash line. 

And since you want your fake lashes to look as natural as possible and blend into your own lash hairs, placement is everything. Anyone who has filled in their lid with eyeshadow, drawn on their eyeliner, applied the lash glue, and then accidentally wrongly aligned their fake lashes on their lid knows the struggle of applying lashes. 

Luckily, there’s a tool called an eyelash applicator that helps you to line up your fake lashes with your lid line. Lash applicators come in various styles and shapes, so here are our top tips for what to look for in a lash applicator to help you pick one that works.


What To Look For in an Eyelash Applicator

When choosing a false eyelash applicator there are a few basic but essential features you can watch for to ensure the process of applying for lashes is as seamless as possible. 

Curved Tip

While it can be daunting to apply false lashes with your shaky fingers because of fear that you might poke your eye, pointy false lash applicators increase that risk even more. Tweezer-style lash applicators feel risky to have so close to your eyes. 

However, false lash applicators with curved or rounded tips reduce the likelihood of you poking yourself. The main reason you want a curved shape is that it is shaped to the curve of your lashes and eyelids. Plus, you can more easily grab the fake lash with the rounded tool than with clumsy fingers.

Finger Grip Design

Some false lash applicators are designed specifically to allow for grooves for your fingers, making holding them comfortably easier. But some applicators also have a design that includes finger grips, which we recommend. 

This way, you know your fingers won’t accidentally slip and drop your applicator tool onto the floor, and your false lashes with it! Definitely pay attention to design when choosing an applicator and keep looking until you find one that you can hold comfortably.

Lightweight Tool

We know how heavy your makeup bag probably is, what with all the powders, foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeshadow palettes we love to collect. Isn’t it funny how we bring our makeup cases everywhere with us even though they usually weigh a ton? 

Well, your false eyelash applicator will be added to your bag as well, so you’ll want to watch for a lightweight design that doesn’t further weigh down your makeup case (or your hand when applying lashes).

Our Alternative to False Eyelashes

These are our top tips for what to look for in an eyelash applicator. Other than these three areas of difference, eyelash applicators come in various shapes and sizes, and you will want to choose one based on which best fits the curve of your eye and feels right in your hand. Experiment until you find the one you love.

While false lashes are a great option for having full, thick, curled lashes, they also have their drawbacks. Such as the cost of constantly stocking up your makeup bag with false lashes (especially if you use the less expensive disposable kind), having to apply them repeatedly, and of course, the difficulty of positioning them correctly on your lash line.

What if we told you there’s another alternative to all of the lash lengthening and curling methods mentioned above? And this one gives semi-permanent results, so you only have to repeat the process every 30 days. 

We’re talking about our Lash Lift Kit! You can complete an eyelash lift at home for a fraction of the price of what you would pay at the salon! 

Lash lifts typically last four to six weeks, but our Lash Lift Kit is a 10-month supply, so your curled, lengthened lash look will keep you saving money and looking your best for almost a year. 

The process is simple and easy since we provide all the tools and perm lotions you need to lift your lashes, and of course, it is cruelty-free and sustainably sourced.



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