Eyelash Shedding: Causes & Preventions

Eyelash Shedding: Causes & Preventions

Did you ever wish on your eyelashes when they fell onto your cheek or got stuck onto your skin? Someone would point out your lash to you and say, “Make a wish,” and you would make a tiny wish on your lucky lash.

Maybe you still think of this memory every time you see you have lost a lash; perhaps you still make little wishes on your stray hairs. However, what we found delightful when we were younger—a fallen eyelash—we might not find so wonderful now since we are people interested in having long, lush lashes. 

Because, well, losing your lashes seems frightening. You might be asking yourself, “Why am I losing so many eyelashes? Is it the normal amount to lose? It seems like I’m losing more lashes than normal. Are they going to grow back?”

These questions are all great ones to ask to ensure your lashes are in healthy condition and aren’t falling out more than they should be. The phenomenon where your lashes periodically fall out is referred to as eyelash shedding, and it is a normal experience that happens to everyone. 

However, there are some steps you can take to make sure you are not losing more than the normal amount of lashes, and we will also go over preventative measures you can take to keep your lashes in healthy shape.

We are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the topic of eyelash shedding; they are probably questions you yourself have wondered, so keep reading to put your questions at rest.


What Is Eyelash Shedding?

Eyelash shedding is the natural process every person experiences when losing some lashes and regrowing new ones to replace them. You can think of it exactly the same as how we lose a lot of hair from our heads every day, but our bodies are programmed to replace the lost hair with new ones. 

In fact, losing our hair is actually necessary as part of the hair growth cycle. But because we have so many more hairs on our heads, we lose a lot more hair there than we do from our lashes. 

Speaking of how many eyelashes you lose, let’s address that question next.

What Is the Normal Amount of Eyelashes To Lose?

The normal amount of eyelashes to shed every day is between one and five hairs. That means that yes, you are losing that many lashes every day, but you probably don’t notice the majority of them falling out—or else you are just rolling in the wishes, you super attentive person.

The daily amount of lashes you lose varies from person to person because everybody is different, including the number of lashes we all start with. But essentially, the lash growth cycle has us losing about 20% of our lashes every two weeks. 

However, since the lashes that fall out are constantly regrown, we don’t ever have to look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder why 20% of our lash line is missing! Thank goodness for that.

The whole process occurs every 60-90 days, so from the beginning to the end of that timeframe, you have an entirely new set of eyelashes than before. You can think of it as replacing your full set of lash extensions every two to three months, except this process is entirely natural!

Within the 60-90 day timeframe, there are still particular parts of the year where eyelash shedding is naturally increased.

Are There Certain Times When I Can Lose More Eyelashes?

Maybe you feel as though you have been losing more than one to five lashes lately, or you’ve been finding those little lash hairs (ahem, wishes) everywhere. This is generally not a cause for alarm, depending on the time of year.

Firstly, every person is different, and a normal amount of eyelash shedding for one person can vary from another person’s norm. It all comes down to genetics, like lash length, amount of lashes, and your natural hair growth cycle. While these things generally line up for most people, our faces and hair are still very diverse. 

Secondly, the time of the year will create a heavier lost lash amount. In the Fall and Spring, when the seasons are drastically changing between cold and warm temperatures, lash shedding is heightened. This is because with changing seasons comes a change in humidity levels, which your body anticipates and takes preventive measures against to keep you in tip-top shape. Because humidity leads to increased dryness, your body accelerates oil production to keep your skin hydrated. One side effect of the increased oil production is you lose more lashes than normal.

Do not worry about this natural occurrence. Just as some animals shed their winter coats and others undergo seasonal molting, humans also respond to changing weather. 

Are There Health Concerns Associated With Eyelash Shedding?

While eyelash shedding is normal and nothing to worry about, if you are also losing hair from other areas like your eyebrows and your scalp in an amount that seems outside of the regular limits, this could indicate an underlying health issue

There are also other less common reasons and health concerns. If you have any doubts that your hair loss is above the average, you should speak with your doctor and get checked out.

How Can I Keep My Lashes Healthy, Strong, and Growing?

Now you know that eyelash shedding is a common and normal function of your body, so it isn’t something you can prevent. And it is not something you need to prevent since your body automatically regrows new lashes to replace the lost ones. 

However, there are certain steps and practices you can follow in order to maintain strong, healthy lashes so that you do not experience additional lash loss due to poor lash care and maintenance. Here are some things you can do to keep your lashes in great condition.


Always Remove Makeup With a Gentle Cleanser

You have probably been warned to always remove your makeup at the end of the day, which helps keep your lashes healthy. Leaving eye makeup like mascara on overnight is a solid no-go for your lashes. So make sure to remove your lash makeup with a gentle cleanser that won’t dry out your lashes.

Use Lash Growth Serum

To keep your lashes growing and moisturized, we recommend you apply our lash growth serum to them twice daily for ultimate care and love to your lashes. It is packed with healthy plant ingredients that nourish the hair from root to tip and boost growth.

Use a Clean Mascara

One of the best ways to take care of your lashes is to watch what ingredients you coat them with. Most mascara includes toxic chemicals, fragrances, and dyes that you don’t want so close to your eyes. 

Our Better Than Falsies mascara is vegan, cruelty-free, PEG-free, and nourishes your lashes thanks to the blend of vitamin E oil, candelilla cera, and plant peptides.


In summary, eyelash shedding is a natural occurrence where your lashes fall out as part of your hair’s natural growth cycle. Any lash loss from one to five hairs a day, or 20% loss every two weeks, is entirely normal and no cause for alarm.


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