Shaved Eyebrows: A Fashion Statement

Shaved Eyebrows: A Fashion Statement

If you know us at all, you know we are devoted to full bushy brows and lengthened lashes. We have specially formulated growth serums that are designed to promote fuller, thicker, longer hair on your brows and lashes FAST--like starting to see more growth in two weeks. 

These are our ForLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, and ForBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum made with clean, vegan ingredients and completely cruelty-free. 

We love our thick, bushy brows and helping others achieve the same results for wayyyy less than a treatment like microblading or eyebrow implants. 

And in recent years, we have found that most people desire the same look of full dramatic brows, since it’s the most popular beauty trend right now, inspired by gorgeous women like Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins. 

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Entirely barefaced and more or less eyebrow-free. While we promote eyebrow growth because we love to see people rocking their most natural brows, we are also huge fans of anyone who chooses to make a statement by shaving off their brows.

Firstly, they look extremely edgy and cool, and we envy them for being brave enough to pull off such a bold move. And secondly, we always say beauty is a form of self-expression, so if going browless is your way to express your unique self, then we stan it 100%.

If you’re thinking about shaving your eyebrows, have already shaved them, or have never heard of this beauty look but want to learn more, keep on reading. We will outline the background behind the shaved brow look, as well as how to go about shaving your brows and what considerations to keep in mind.


The Origins Behind Shaved Eyebrows

Shaved eyebrows have been a beauty trend around the world during various places and times in history. 

In China, when the Tang Dynasty ruled, women were known to shave their brows in order to redraw them on with makeup in dark shades. Elizabeth I was another historical figure who opted to remove her brows to draw attention to other areas of her appearance.

In fact, for much of history, bold brows weren’t necessarily in. Whether due to cultural reasons, unique beauty trends, or something else entirely, the reasons why vary. 

However, a common reason for invisible brows in the 1800s was that there used to be a stigma around makeup as a shameful tool, so women and men wore their brows plain, and their natural brows were often sparse.

Famous Shaved Brow Looks

If you’re one of those people with barely-there brows or such light brows hairs that they mainly disappear on your face, now is your moment! You can bare your subtle brows with confidence knowing that celebrities are imitating you. How does that feel?

There are some famous celebrity “no brow” moments we feel we should touch on to give you a little inspo. 

Remember when Kendall Jenner surprised everyone at the Marc Jacobs runway show when her eyebrows were dyed a pale cornflower yellow? They barely showed against her pale skin and created quite a beauty frenzy. Miley Cyrus also opted to bleach her brows to match her blonde hair. 

Lady Gaga has displayed her blond brows next to black hair for a bold contrast in looks. And celebrities Whoopie Goldberg, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Lara Stone have naturally sparse brows that they often choose not to bolden. 

And we love how amazing actress and model Chloë Sevigny looks with her natural pale blond brows left exactly as they are. 


So You’re Thinking About Shaving Your Brows

So now you are considering whether shaving your brows should be your next beauty move. Naturally, you will have some questions before making such a big move in the name of fashion. Here’s everything you need to know about shaving your brows. 

Use a Brow Razor

If you are going to shave off your brows, experts recommend using a brow razor rather than a standard razor you might use on your face or body. 

The brow razors have a single line of blades designed to be gentle and offer a clean shave on your brow line. The skin around your eyes and brows is thin and delicate, which means you want to take extra care when shaving there. 

Shaving Cream?

Just as you would not use shaving cream to pluck or shave the hairs outside of your brow line when removing them, you also don’t need to lather on any soap or shaving cream to shave your brows. Instead, use a brow razor and gently shave away the brow hairs. 

However, if you are worried about irritated skin, shaving cream is optional and may make the experience more comfortable. But instead of shaving from the opposite direction of growth like you would when shaving your legs, you want to move the razor in the direction the hair grows. 


Your Brows Do Serve a Purpose

Did you know your brows actually serve a useful purpose on your face and don’t just act as a method to make a beauty statement? Brows collect dust and dirt that might otherwise end up in your eyes. 

The same goes with sweat from your forehead--it gets trapped in your brows. So be aware that while you don’t need your brows, they do serve a purpose. Keep in mind that if you remove them, your eyes may be more exposed and sensitive. 

You Might Experience Razor Rash

Although using a brow razor and being extremely gentle will help, you might still experience razor rash on your brow line if you shave them off––ouch! Hair removed from any location can become irritated and result in a bumpy texture, and the same is true for your brows. 

Your Brows Might Not Look the Same

Whenever you shave or wax or remove hair in any capacity, you’re changing your original hair to the new hairs that will grow back--and they sometimes look or feel a little different. 

Hair regrowth sometimes grows in a little wispier (like if you wax them off because you’re teaching your hair not to grow as prevalent in that spot) or a little coarser, like hair on your legs or armpits after they are shaved.

Your brow hair will also most likely grow in with a bit of a coarser texture. It should not change the look, and your brows will grow back if you shave them, but be prepared for them to feel a little different from before. 


After all of that information about shaved brows, we hope you feel confident and excited to make this beauty statement if you desire to shave your brows. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your style and appearance.

Remember, most changes to your appearance aren’t permanent, and making a change whenever you’re looking to switch it up can help you better understand yourself and what you like. Why not play around with your appearance for a little variety? If that’s what your heart desires, then absolutely go for it!

Shaved brows are definitely not a permanent beauty change, but it will take a bit of time to grow them back when you’re ready for your bushy brows to return. Fortunately, we have a few products that will help those brows return in no time. 

Our eyebrow growth serum works insanely fast to deliver new growth to your eyebrows, so using our serum twice daily will be the fastest way to regrow your brows. And as you wait for your new growth, you can use our eyebrow fill pen to draw on hair-like strokes that imitate your natural hairs. 

At ForChics, we want to know: what are your favorite statement brows? Let us know! 


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