Eyelash Extension Styles Chart

Eyelash Extension Styles Chart

Eyelash extensions are modernizing the way we think about our lashes. Long, fluffy lashes are a commodity that most of us desire and few naturally have. So why all the fuss for longer, beautiful lashes? They make most of us feel good, empowered, and even flirty. 

Longer lashes are an accessory. Let’s talk about the five types of styles available for eyelash extensions and the difference between each. 

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions accentuate the natural lashes by adding artificial drama, longer length, and extra curl. They are made of silk, synthetic fibers, mink, or sable and are glued to the natural lashes using a special lash adhesive. 

Each salon is unique, offering different lash styles and application techniques. The cost of lash extensions depends on the lash artist, the salon type, and the location of the service.

What Are the Different Lash Styles?

There are many lash extension styles to choose from, so knowing which one you like before heading to the lash bar is essential. Lash extensions are available in natural, colored, cat-eye, doll, and staggered styles, just to name a few. 

Let’s dive deeper into the specifics of each of these styles.


Lash extensions applied in the natural style accentuate your natural lashes beautifully. They are added for length and volume and look as close to natural as possible. These extensions are ideal for those who have never had lash extensions before and want to add just a bit more drama to their already beautiful lashes. 


Colored lash extensions are available to add the appearance of depth and dimension to your natural lashes. They are applied sporadically throughout the lash set or worn as a complete set for a dramatic style. Multiple color lash mixing is also an option.  Colored lashes accentuate your natural eye color and are fun to wear for any occasion. These colored lashes are an excellent option for those who want a unique look to bring out their individuality.


The cat-eyed style is quite possibly one of the more popular styles of lash extensions available. The winged lash look adds a wide-eyed appearance to close-set, downward-turned, or tired eyes. These lashes are shorter at the inner lash line area and gradually become longer toward the ends. This graduation in length provides a lifted lash effect.


If you want a lash extension style to “open up” your eyes, look no further than the doll shape. Doll lashes give the illusion of bigger, doll-like eyes because these lashes are longer in the middle and shorter on the ends. Down-turned and wide-set eye shapes look best in the doll lash style. 


The staggered lash extension style consists of staggering all-over long and short lashes. This style is ideal for those who already have thick lashes because it adds to the existing lash density. This staggered lash effect amplifies your lashes to full overdrive. 

Factors To Consider

The lash artist will help you determine which style of lash extensions will fit you best. Things like whether you wear makeup every day, wear glasses, or if you want a glam or natural look will determine which set of lashes your artist will recommend. 

Lash curvature, length, volume, eye and face shape, and personal lifestyle also determine the factors. The lash artist will consult with you before your lash session to find which style suits you best. 

Eye Shape

Your eye shape is one of the major determining factors in which lash extension style will best suit you. There are six eye shapes: almond, hooded, monolid, upturned, downturned, and round. Let’s take a look at each of these eye shapes.

  • Almond: The characteristics of almond eyes include a smaller eyelid and a longer width than the eyes are round. This eye shape is similar to the shape of an almond. Those with almond eyes look fantastic in the cat-eye and doll style lashes, but since this eye shape is the most common, it can easily pull off most lash styles.
  • Hooded: Hooded eyes have a heavy brow bone and deep-set crease. Avoid strong curl lashes, as these will almost blend into the lid, looking unnatural. Opt instead for a looser curl in a doll or natural-style lash extension.
  • Monolid: The monolid eye shape does not reveal the eye crease. This eye shape rocks the cat-eye and natural lash styles beautifully.
  • Upturned: The outer corners of upturned eyes are higher than the inner corners of the eye. The cat-eye lash style adds volume and balance to upturned-shaped eyes.
  • Downturned: This eye shape’s outer corners are tilted downward. Doll lash styles with a strong outer curl work well with downturned eyes. It opens up the eyes and is very flattering.
  • Round: Round eyes are usually larger and look more circular than other eye shapes. Cat-eye and natural styles look best on round eyes. Avoid strong curly styles, as these will give the eyes the illusion of a permanently surprised look.


Lash extension curvature is another essential aspect of lash styling. Some eye shapes need extra curl to accentuate the eyes, while others need very little curl. There are several types of lash curvature.

  • J Curl: This curl type mimics a person’s natural lash curl. It is the straightest of all lash curl types. Eyes with naturally down-turned lashes should avoid the J-curl.
  • B Curl: B curl is curlier than J, but less curly than C. These lashes have a natural curl that looks like a lash curler curled the lashes. Eyes with down-turned natural lashes should avoid the B-curl.
  • C Curl: C-curl lashes are universally flattering for all eye shapes. This curl is uplifted and gives a wide-eyed look to the eyes.
  • D Curl: This curl type is for dramatic lash sets. They have a deep upward sloping curl and are ideal for downturned eye shapes. Hooded eyes should avoid the D-curl.
  • U Curl: The U-curl type lashes are a more extreme version of the D curl. They get their name from their almost 180-degree curvature, which is flattering on monolid eye shapes. Deep-set and hooded eyes should avoid the U-curl.
  • L Curl: This curl has a straight flat base and a small C or D curve that upwards curves. It is suitable for people who find other lash curl types irritating for their eyes. Those with already downward-pointing lashes should avoid this lash curl type, as it will emphasize the downward curl even more.

There are other lash curvatures available. The variety of lash types depends on the lash salon. Your eye shape and natural eyelashes determine which lash extension curvature will be best for you. The C curvature is the most common and is universally flattering on all eye shapes.

Application Types

There are three types of lash extension applications. Each of these sets gives the eyes a different look. Classic is more natural, while the hybrid is dramatic, and volume lies in between the two.

  • Classic: One single lash extension adheres to every individual eyelash.
  • Volume: Multiple lash extensions adhere to a single eyelash.
  • Hybrid: Mix of single and multiple lash adhesion.


Lash extensions accentuate your natural beauty by providing extra artificial length and volume to your lashes. Knowing your eye shape will help you determine which set of lashes will look best on you.

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