Eyebrow Treatments That Really Work

Eyebrow Treatments That Really Work

Many eyebrow treatments are available today, many of which have longer-lasting results than a quick fill-in with a brow pencil. Celebrities everywhere are flaunting their biggest, baddest brows, and we’ll show you how to enhance yours for that Insta-worthy brow look you crave.  


At-Home Brow Shape & Fill Treatments

When heading to the salon is not an option, look to these convenient at-home brow treatments to help shape and fill your unruly caterpillars. Grooming your brows adds warmth to your face and frames the eyes. There are many ways to enhance the brows.


Tweezing is one of the most basic brow removal techniques available, and it works. It is a convenient way to keep eyebrows groomed between wax or threading visits or used as the primary method of brow hair removal. A quality pair of tweezers is something everyone should have on hand. 

Tweezing the brow hairs removes the hair from the root, and there’s no risk of damaging the skin, like with other procedures. Always clean the tweezers before use, and never use a magnifying mirror while tweezing. With these types of mirrors, you risk the chance of over-plucking. Over-plucking causes misshapen brows and the possibility of the brows not growing back. Yikes!


Trimming the brows is also a convenient method for brow definition and shaping, and it is also easy to do at home. Brow trimming requires a pair of sharp, straight blade brow scissors. 

Simply brush the brow hairs upward and carefully trim the hairs that extend above the shape of the natural brow line—trim brows after brushing the hairs and tweezing, but before filling them in with color.

Cold Wax Strips

Cold wax strips are a method of hair removal that requires special attention. When not careful, these wax strips cause skin irritation and damage. 

The wax strip is placed above and below the brows and pressed firmly onto the skin. Next, pull the strip from the outer corner inward in a quick motion. Wipe the residual wax residue from the brow area and tweeze or trim any overlooked regions. 

Redness will occur, but it will recede after a few minutes. These strips also remove hair between the brows and on the upper lip area.

Brow Fill Pen

The ForBrow fill pen fills sparse areas of your brows with pigmented hair-like brow lines. The formula is designed as waterproof, smudge-proof, and lasts up to 24-hours. This thin-tip pen delivers precise shaping accuracy and definition in every stroke. Brow pens are available in many colors, with the most common shades being light and dark brown. The ForChics ForBrow fill pen formulation is void of any yucky chemicals. Hooray!

Brow Makeup

There is no shortage of brow makeup designed to color, fill, and define your brows. Makeup will camouflage imperfections and fill in sparse areas for a quick fix. Here are a few of the most popular types of brow makeup.

  • Brow pomade - offers a creamy consistency and ultra-pigmented formulas that apply with a brush
  • Brow pencil - these pencils come in many shades to fill in and define the brows
  • Brow powder - this powder provides a powdery natural finish to fill in the brows
  • Brow gel - this pigmented gel provides hold and color for the brows
  • Brow pen - these pens have a natural hair-like applicator tip for a natural brow finish
  • Brow fibers - synthetic fibers mixed in gel formula provides texture and color to the brows

Professional Brow Removal & Shaping Treatments

There are many brow treatments performed in the salon. You just have to know which treatment is right for you. Before you pick up those tweezers or head to the salon, read this. We’ll give you the scoop on everything ‘professional brow removal’ in this section.


Brow threading is a brow treatment performed by a threading expert who is a centuries-old hair removal method. This hair removal method originated in India and is famous for its non-use of chemicals.

Threading involves two pieces of thread that remove hair from the follicle by rolling the thread on the skin in an upward motion. The results of threading last about two weeks and are very precise and safe for people with sensitive skin. Dermatologists also approve of this hair removal method.


Brow waxing is performed in a salon by a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician. The brow professional applies a thin layer of wax around the brow area where the hair is removed. A small piece of cloth fabric is placed over the wax, and then the fabric is quickly pulled off the skin to remove the hairs. 

Some waxes do not require fabric. These hot waxes are applied to the brow area and left to cool until it hardens. Then the brow artist removes the wax piece from the skin in one quick motion. Waxing results last about two to three weeks, depending on the rate of hair growth.

Laser Brow Hair Removal

Laser brow removal removes hair between the brows and does not take the place of brow shaping. This non-invasive medical procedure targets the hair follicles, emits pulsating light, and removes the targeted hair. 

A licensed healthcare professional must perform this type of hair removal, and a doctor oversees the entire procedure. There is little to no downtime after the laser hair removal, which means you can go right back to work afterward. Some minimal redness may occur, but it subsides after a few minutes.

Professional Brow Color Fill Treatments

Darkening and covering gray eyebrow hairs is common and primarily practiced in a salon. Some professional treatments are more permanent than others, and a few have minimal pain and redness associated with the treatment. Here’s the scoop on professional brow color fill techniques. You decide if one is right for you.


Microblading is a technique performed by a certified brow expert. The process involves a hand tool that administers semi-permanent ink underneath the skin of the brows. 

First, a numbing cream is applied to the brow area to reduce the painful sensation of the procedure. Then, the hand tool is applied to the brows in small strokes. 

The fine-hairlike lines created have the appearance of real hair. The ink that is used is color customized to complement each client’s skin and hair color. 

The healing process takes about five days, during which special care is taken to avoid peeling the treated area while it heals. Color retouches occur nine months to one-year post-treatment. 

Microblading results last for 18-30 months. 


Micro-feathering is different from micro-blading in that it doesn’t require a hand tool. Precise hair-like incisions deposit dye to the brow skin. A sharp and very precise blade creates small incisions where the dye is then deposited. Micro-feathering works with the natural growth pattern of your brows, resulting in an ultra-natural appearance. The results last up to one year, and touch-ups are recommended to refresh the color.

Brow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting makes the brows appear fuller by coloring the brow hair and the skin underneath the hairs. The color is matched to the client’s natural hair color. 

The process is quick and easy and performed in a salon by a professional brow expert. The coloring provides a more defined brow look and style, with the results lasting two to three months.

Powder Brows

Powder brows, also known as ombre brows, are semi-permanent tattoos similar to microblading. This technique involves a digital machine that applies dots of customized color to the brow skin. The result is a soft, powdered brow effect. Powder brows last anywhere from one to three years and are ideal for those with thin, sparse brows.


Micro-shading is similar to powder brows. A handheld machine is used to deliver customized pigment to the skin in the brow area. Micro-shading is ideal for the person who already has microblade or brow tattoos and wants to refresh the color. Results last one to two years.

Brow Henna

Brow henna makes the brows appear fuller by coloring the brow hairs and the skin underneath the hair. The henna is mixed to form a paste, and then it is applied to the brows to darken their color. 

Henna is a plant-derived color that is natural and lasts on the brow hairs for up to six weeks. 

Brow Thickening, Smoothing, And Lifting Treatments

Thicker, fuller eyebrows are on-trend, and there are professional and at-home treatments available to make yours more fluffy, thicker in appearance, and even lifted. 

Brow Extensions

Eyebrow extensions are similar to lash extensions, except the hairs are glued to the brows instead of the lashes. A professional adhesive is applied to each fine hair, and then the hair is glued onto the brow hairs, one by one. 

The extensions are placed to create a higher arch, longer brow tail, or to fill in sparse areas. This treatment results in a natural, fluffy brow. Refills are needed every two to four weeks as natural shedding occurs.

Brow extensions are also glued to the brow area skin. This method is not as common because the results only last five to 14 days after the procedure.


Brow lamination, also known as a brow perm, is a treatment used alongside other brow procedures or by itself to relax and straighten the brow hair. The process involves a cream, brushing the brows upwards, and neutralizing the hairs. Nourishing oil helps soothe irritated skin in the brow area and nourish the hairs. 

Brow lamination is good for all brow types and does not involve chemicals being injected into the skin, like micro-needling. Lamination supports a smooth, defined brow for curly, coarse, or unruly brows and adds fullness to those with fine, soft brows. Lamination results last up to eight weeks.

Brow Enhancing Serum

ForBrows brow enhancing serum is formulated with nourishing plant-based ingredients, amino acids, and antioxidants that stimulate brow growth. It is safe for daily use to revitalize hair follicle growth. The peptides inside the formula mimic the hair regrowth cycle, naturally leaving your brows fuller, thicker, and darker.

Brow Thread Lifting

A brow thread lift is a temporary lifting method used to lift crepey skin around the brow area. Dissolvable threads are placed beneath the skin to lift and perk up the brows and forehead areas. 

This is an in-office, non-surgical procedure that lasts about an hour. Afterward, the client will experience some bruising and swelling. The lift results last 12-15 months.

To Sum It Up

Many brow treatments help support new brow growth, shape, and fullness. There are treatments for at-home use and professional salon treatments. Your options for sculpting the brows go way beyond a basic tweeze and trim session.

Microblading, lamination, and brow extensions are modern approaches to enhancing your brows. For a simple and pain-free brow fill, try the ForChics ForBrow brow fill pen. The pigmented fine-tipped pen delivers a precise product application in hair-like strokes that provide a natural brow look. 

ForChics ForBrow brow enhancing serum supports new brow hair growth and density.  This special serum contains plant-derived ingredients for thicker, fuller brows in 30 days.

Enhance your natural beauty with ForChic hair care treatments. These treatments harness the natural properties of plants to promote clean, gentle hair growth.


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