How To Fix Eyebrows After a Cosmetic Disaster

How To Fix Eyebrows After a Cosmetic Disaster

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We all try to keep ourselves healthy and glowing to look and feel fresh; this includes a complimentary beauty routine and crafting our appearance in a way that helps us express and present our best self. But sometimes, beauty rituals backfire, and we have a *cosmetic disaster.* 

This disaster may apply to our skin, nails, eyelashes, or another part of our body we like to take pride in, but when the disaster occurs to our eyebrows, it hits especially hard. 

We don’t know about you, but our eyebrows have a special place in our hearts. We want them to be full and bushy and natural, resting over our eyes in a way that frames our face and draws attention to our emotions. So when they undergo a major beauty catastrophe, it’s time to pull out all the stops to fix them.

One fact that we generally don’t like to dwell on is that eyebrows do take a significant amount of time to fully grow back because when you are looking in the mirror and wondering where your beautiful brows went, you don’t have time to just sit back and wait for them to grow.

This is why we have compiled the steps you can take when you are in the middle of an eyebrow crisis, so you don’t have to live brow-less while you wait for the regrowth cycle.

Whip Out Your Brow Growth Serum

The first step to take is to ensure your poor brows are on the path towards regrowth. You don’t want them to continue looking like they’ve undergone a war (and brow trauma due to overgrooming is a battle we all fight sometimes) forever, so you need to start working towards growing some new baby hairs. 

Growth serum is packed with good nutrients that encourage your brows along their regrowth cycle and can show results as early as two weeks! We love the fast results because it allows us to feel as though there can be peace between our tweezer-happy fingers and our brows once more.

Exfoliate Those Brows

You may be surprised to know that exfoliation of the skin is not just for your face or legs. In fact, there are considerable advantages to exfoliating directly onto your brows. Just as other areas of your skin collect dead skin cells, your eyebrows are probably dry and congested with skin cells because everyone forgets to show them the same exfoliation love! 

Well + Good reminds us that removing the dry, dead skin on our brows allows our brow growth products to penetrate the skin, creating better, faster results. 

Give Your Brows the Beauty Treatment With a Mask

While we’re on the topic of skincare routines we usually forget about, you should also be applying regular hair masks--to your brow hairs. We are always eager to pamper our hair or our skin, but I bet we’re all guilty of forgetting to show our brows the same love. 

Just as hair masks can be simple and made with natural ingredients you probably have in your house, eyebrow masks do not take much effort and can easily be in vegan, cruelty-free options. Using a pure 100% oil, such as castor, coconut, or olive, on your brows can have amazing results that support hair health, such as moisturizing and drenching the hairs in good fats and vitamins. 

Simply apply oil with a spoolie brush or q-tip and let it sit for up to a few hours.

Fill In Your Brows So No One Knows

We have to be realistic after a cosmetic brow disaster--results take some time. While you’re waiting for your brows to return to normal, fill those babies in so no one knows your brows secretly look like World War III. Using a fill pen, draw short strokes upwards that imitate your real brow hairs. 

We love the fill pens for how simple they are to use and how natural their results are. We bet even your friends won’t know your brows are looking a little worse for wear under the product. 

Figure Out Your Ideal Brow Shape and Steer New Growth In That Direction

Although it sucks to undergo a brow disaster, maybe there can be some good to the situation. For example, if your brows were not following the ideal spacing and shape for your face before, now is a great time to help them grow in the right way.

Brow mapping utilizes lines and your eyes to determine where your brows should start, end, and where the arches should sit. The process is super easy to follow (all you need is a pencil) and will guarantee that your new brows grow in such a way that compliments your unique natural beauty.

Another consideration to make is the shaping of your brow. Knowing where your beginning, tail, and arch should sit will help you determine the right shape, but a lot of the shaping guide depends on your face structure. For example, the ideal brow shape will vary for those with heart-shaped faces versus those with more angular, square faces. 

A shaping guide is just a tool to use, of course, and once you know your lines better, you can craft your brows to your unique liking within the knowledge of your face.

Consider Brow Lamination For a Fuller Look On Your Natural Hairs

A new brow trend that has been taking the world by storm lately is brow lamination, sometimes known as a brow perm. It takes your natural hairs and forces them upwards; the final result is an illusion of fuller, more feathery brows because each strand plays its role. 

The results should last up to eight weeks before you’ll want to book your next appointment, and the price varies depending on which salon you choose. However, it is certainly a more affordable option than more intensive microblading and hair transplant options.

You may want to consider brow lamination while you wait for your hairs to regrow, or maybe you’ll make it a new part of your beauty routine, so all that’s left for you to do each day is a few quick strokes upwards to fill in any sparse sections. 

Do Not Over-Groom While You Wait

Our last tip, and one we cannot stress enough, is the importance of not over-grooming while you’re waiting for your brows to grow in. After all, over-grooming is exactly what placed you in this situation of having sparse, lack-luster brows in the first place. Don’t do it, just don’t!

This doesn’t mean you can’t touch the tweezers while your hair is growing back in, but only pluck the hairs that fall obviously out of your brow line since you won’t fully know which hairs are essential until your shape is grown back in. 

And when you groom, don’t use a magnifying mirror that shows you all the little hairs. Just trust that you want those tiny hairs around, and don’t be too eager to banish them.


There you have it, our best tips on how to quickly bounce back from your eyebrow disaster due to an overzealous removal of hairs. It’s good to be passionate in life, but let’s try to keep the passion to good causes and creative endeavors--not to our poor struggling brows. 


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