Hair Trends You Can Rock This Summer With Total Control

Hair Trends You Can Rock This Summer With Total Control

Summer is fast approaching and any beauty obsessive knows that a change in season is also a time to switch up your hairstyle. So what are the hairstyle rules this summer? There are no rules! But exactly which look should you go for? Here we have a number of hair trends which you can definitely try and own. Don’t fret, you don’t need a professional hairstylist to achieve these looks. We got you covered with our new Total Control Styling Stick ;)

90s Bouncy Blowouts

It’s all about the volume, baby! A round brush, a curling iron, and some gel for texture are what you need.

Space Buns

This hairstyle is a fun change from the usual ponytail. And to keep those buns in place, Total Control does the trick ;)

Air-dried Hair

The natural, air-dried hair will continue to make its way throughout summer because people want to embrace their textured crowning glory. To have this undone-done hairstyle, use a leave-in conditioner and Total Control to keep the volume and natural wave of your hair.

Octopus Cut or Flipped-out Ends

The octopus cut has a rounded top layer for volume while the body and the sides drop out to a flipped-out bottom like tentacles. Total Control will help hold your do, and at the same time tame those frizz and baby hairs.

Textured Bob or ‘Bixie’ Cut

The short hair styles made popular by our favorite Chics – Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, and Meg Ryan. The natural textured wave of your hair is again the star for this hairstyle and it’s really easy to achieve with Total Control to hold the texture in place. 


Braids are back and you should definitely give them a try. Total Control just does the trick if you need to tame those baby hairs when you want to rock the braids.