Life-Changing Mascara Hacks

Life-Changing Mascara Hacks

Mascara is a makeup essential, but sometimes it can be a little finicky. You might think you know everything there is to know about your favorite mascara like ForChics' Better Than Falsies Mascara, but we've got a few life-changing hacks  that will change the way you use it and to get the most out it.

Too much of something is not always too nice
Usually with most mascaras, the brush grabs too much product. So what do you need to do? Wipe it off! You can do that with a clean tissue or if you don't want to waste any of the product, clean it on the mouth of the tube. The product will be pushed inside again when you put the wand back.

When you use a brush that is not loaded with a ton of product, you'll be able to coat every single lash strand without adding all that excess product which causes your lashes to clump and stick together.

You can always build it up and get the result that you want without too much product and you get to save more for longer use.

De-clump with a clean spoolie

Brush through your lashes and separate them with a clean spoolie before coating them with mascara and after you've added your mascara. It's similar to brushing your hair before styling. And if you use a spoolie after putting on mascara, you can get rid of clumps and make your lashes looking more natural. It will also make sure that everything is applied evenly.

Apply your mascara in quick phases

Apply the next coats of mascara as quickly as possible so it wouldn't dry out and look clumpy.

Wiggle and swipe!

Let's move on to the coating technique. First, we want you to focus on just the base (or roots!) of your lashes, which is where most of the product needs to go. To get the best result, roll the wand while wiggling back and forth quickly, but gently at the roots of your lashes. Next is to just pull it straight through your lashes or swipe it up in one big slow motion. This ensures the product is distributed evenly and ends up clump-free. Once you've achieved that, length comes easy-peasy.

Wiggling the entire swipe can be risky business. The wiggling effect will help create separation and the illusion of fullness.

Front and back, chic. Front and back.

Another mascara hack for getting your best lashes ever is to back up that lash, girl.

Start by coating the front of your lashes and then swipe from another direction: the backside of your lashes. This will give you more coverage than you've ever had before and you'll instantly notice the difference.